Sydney, Australia
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Urban Horizon

In our industrialized world we often experience a disconnect between the comfort of our civilization and coexistence with nature. This series aims to represent the human search for inner peace within an urban landscape. It is a search for places around us that give us time to be alone, to reflect and ponder. I choose to show the world in black and white and strip the picture of its color as a way to disassociate from reality, create an abstract vision and new emotions. By creating minimalist compositions I aim to unclutter our minds and emerge with spirits uplifted. Most people find looking at the water a therapeutic experience. The serenity of nature in the middle of the industrial landscape is an extraordinary sight. I search for places where you can see the horizon line, take a break and look away into the empty space. It gives me a sense of freedom and peace.

The Dunes

Throughout my life I have chosen the solitary pursuit of adventure in locations as remote as possible. Mountains and deserts have always provided me with the necessary escape from the mundane existence. It is where I feel most free, most serene and most inspired. This series is about mountains in miniature. I find the ever-changing voluptuous shapes of the sand dunes mystical, intriguing, captivating and forever fascinating. I am presenting the vastness of nothingness, the limitless sky, the lonely journey and the beauty of singularity.